Swanky aliens live on “Gem” Planet – a place rich in gold, diamonds and other precious minerals. Unfortunately their home is a cold, dark, and barren place. After many years, the swanky aliens discovered Earth – a warm planet with sunny beaches and blue skies.

They travel to Earth with precious minerals and jewelry – a universally accepted store of value. When they arrive – they love flexing their swanky style on us earthlings.

After vacationing on Earth for a while, some aliens decided to stay permanently and live on the Ethereum blockchain.


Swanky Space Squad (SSS) is inspired by an intense passion for the promise of Web3.

The SSS team comes with decades of well-rounded experience. From building eCommerce businesses, to growing investments and mastering Web2 digital marketing. After carefully studying the NFT market – the decision was made to build a 2nd generation NFT collection where we provide true utility and meaningful intrinsic value.